Taiwanese lunch boxes

Item: Taiwanese lunch boxes
Date: July 9, 2022
Location: 台味軒, Toronto, Canada
Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★

There is a Taiwanese restaurant (more like a primarily take-out place) near my place that I frequented during my undergrad days, when I was dating a Taiwanese guy. They served a variety of rather authentic Taiwanese lunch boxes for low prices – I would know because I had lived in Taiwan for a few months 😛 Travelling back to Canada for a summer visit this year, I was glad that it survived difficult COVID times and is still operating with the same menu, albeit with slightly higher prices. The restaurant actually seemed to have increased in popularity, as we had to queue quite a while when ordering lunch on the spot (pre-ordering online would have significantly shortened the wait but I wasn’t aware that it was available). I got the classic salty deep-fried chicken while my husband ordered the braised pork, but I guess they were too busy so they mixed up some orders and gave my husband the beef brisket instead. Not complaining – the beef was more expensive, and still quite tasty. We got take-out and sat outside by a church on a beautiful blue bench amid a beautiful day with beautiful blue skies. The chicken tasted exactly the way it did 15 years ago and brought back waves of sweet nostalgia. And who could resist a side of broccoli and tofu?! (Actually they made a mistake in one of the three sides and gave me egg and tomato instead of seaweed, but it was good nonetheless.) Basically I continue to be impressed by the quality of this old-time favourite and am looking forward to my next visit already!!!


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