Breakfast by the window in Tianjin

Item: Breakfast by the window in Tianjin
Date: June 29, 2021
Location: Tianjin, China
Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

I visited Tianjin alone last summer and stayed in a room on the 31st floor of a building, with a panoramic view of the city. One morning, I got a variety of local breakfast items from the vendors downstairs and had my meal by the window. The main item is “gabacai”, which is the combination of the thin strips in the bag (made of mung bean flour) and the sesame-based sauce/soup. You dump the strips into the soup and eat them like noodles – almost like hot dry noodles in Wuhan. On the side I got a spring roll (known as “juanquan” in Tianjin) and a huge bag of unsweetened soy milk. All this for around 10 RMB – great value with a great view!


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