Classic Xiangyang-style beef noodles

Item: Classic Xiangyang-style beef noodles, 襄陽牛肉麵
Date: August 23, 2020
Location: 一桥头陈家面馆, Xiangyang, China
Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★

When in Wuhan (probably other cities in China too), you wouldn’t go beyond 1 km without seeing a “Xiangyang beef noodles” restaurant. Of course, these restaurants serve a variety of noodles and rice dishes, but I HAD to go and experience the REAL Xiangyang beef noodles. So I went to Xiangyang – not for the purpose of eating beef noodles, but it was one of the obvious things to do. As a result, Jian and I had beef noodles twice – during dinner and the next day during lunch at a competitor across from the restaurant of the previous evening. They were equally amazing, and here’s what we had for lunch on the second day – the classic beef noodles for me and cow offals (internal organs) for Jian. The locals put so much scallion on top that you could barely see the soup, and while I liked the scallion too, I didn’t go overboard. Let’s just talk about the various components. The soup: RED HOT SPICY SOUP. It’s not that I don’t like the spiciness, but I would have preferred a non-spicy version during 32-degree weather (I forgot to ask). Noodles: firm and chewy, soaking up all the delicious beefiness and spiciness. And the beef: man this is serious business. Not only did the beef taste insanely delicious, there was also A LOT OF IT. Huge, thick slices, and there were hidden chunks at the bottom of the bowl even as I was scavenging for some final bits of noodle. For 15 yuan (approximately 3 Canadian dollars) this was an unbelievable deal that left me completely satiated and pleasant. Xiangyang beef noodles – they really do live up to the name!!! Thing is that I’ll never be able to enjoy a bowl of so-called “Xiangyang” beef noodles anywhere outside of Xiangyang anymore. Just take Wuhan, for example – those restaurants that you see everywhere, for the same price you’d probably get a few slices (1/5 the portion of Xiangyang) of mediocre meat. NOWHERE NEAR THE DIVINE GOODNESS OF THE GENUINE THING. So yes, Xiangyang, you had me amazed. I might have to go back just for the beef noodles…


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