Stir-fried potato slices

Item: Stir-fried potato slices, 炒土豆絲
Date: June 19, 2018
Location: Wuhan, China

Stir-fried potato slices are probably one of the most classic Chinese home-made dishes there is. My mom makes them quite often but I’ve never truly mastered the skills to make the perfect ones. Now that I have kitchen utensils in Wuhan, it is time to (re-)hone some cooking skills, starting with this basic dish. Other than it being a bit too oily (because of the fattiness of the minced pork), I think it turned out pretty well! The potatoes were at the right texture and went exceptionally well with the green chili peppers and minced pork. With a bowl of rice this would have been excellent but also an overload of carbs, so it was fine even without any rice. In fact I might have become addicted to potatoes after this success…


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