Secreto Ibérico

Item: Secreto Ibérico
Date: July 2, 2017
Location: Tabernas Coloniales, Seville, Spain

I ordered several tapas dishes at Tabernas Coloniales in Seville, and the “Secreto Ibérico” (secret of Iberia?!?) was the last one to arrive. While the previous dishes were excellent, I didn’t have high hopes for this pork dish because its presentation paled in comparison to the others – merely a hunk of meat on some potatoes. Even though I ordered a half portion, it was still so huge that I thought I wouldn’t finish it. WRONG. As soon as I took a first bite, I was awed at how juicy and flavourful the meat was…oh my it was delicious! You certainly don’t judge pork by first impression, and this got me really wondering…what IS the secret of Iberian pork?!?! (By the way I finished it…*GASP*!)


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