Hearty breakfast in Beijing

Item: Hearty breakfast in Beijing, 小籠包+豆腐腦
Date: December 9, 2016
Location: Beijing, China

On the morning of my visit to the Great Wall (nth one in total, but only one in 2016), I got out of my hostel at around 6:30am and found only one breakfast place open at the end of the alley. It looked very local and was filled with people even at such an early time, so I went in. The food was so cheap…but so good! Everything you see here probably costed a total of less than 3 British pounds. I ordered a basket of xiaolongbao, or soupy meat buns, and my goodness were they huge. Definitely very different from the ones I’ve had in Taiwan and Shanghai, and in fact they were more like mini-meat buns rather than soup buns. Then I also got the salty tofu pudding. All my life I thought tofu pudding was sweet but in the north of China, it’s savoury, which was quite interesting to me! I was not a huge fan of the savoury version to be honest, and I’ll stick to my sweet southern tofu pudding, but it was cool to have tried something new. This huge breakfast certainly got me very ready for the climb up the Great Wall!


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