Seafood indulgence in Oban

Item: Seafood indulgence in Oban
Date: September 3, 2016
Location: Ee-usk, Oban, Scotland

My friend and I went to Oban for some seafood indulgence and as we didn’t want to choose what to order, we got the one thing on the menu that had everything: the GRAND PLATTER FOR TWO. Oh dear, this is not for the fainthearted and not to be underestimated. The menu description of the platter is as follows: “6 oysters, half lobster, dressed crab, king scallops, langoustines, Thai fish cakes, smoked salmon, fresh salmon, mussels, and crab claws”. There was a long period of debate on whether we should get the Grand Platter or not, but with a look of mutual understanding in our eyes, my friend and I knew that there was no escape. And so it was ordered. And soon a plate larger than the width of our table was elegantly presented to us, completely full of everything that was described. XM joked (or maybe not?) by saying that she thought the seafood was lying on a bed of ice, but in fact it was a bed of MUSSELS. Holy crap that was a lot of food. How do we even begin to dig in!?


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