Czech duck roast

Item: Czech duck roast
Date: December 25, 2014
Location: Deminka, Prague, Czech Republic

This dinner was a beast! The Czech duck roast looked appealing on the menu, so I ordered it without knowing that the portion would be this gigantic. To break it down, the meal consisted of roasted duck (equivalent size of TWO duck confits in France), red cabbage, fried onions, potato dumplings, bread, and something I could only assume was another type of dumplings. The roasted duck tasted like duck confit, only even better with the amazingly tendered and flavoured meat! I also really enjoyed the red cabbage and fried onions. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the bread and dumplings as I was already beyond stuffed, especially with half a litre of Czech beer. Man, what indulgence! I would do it again, but preferably with someone to share this meal 😉


3 thoughts on “Czech duck roast

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