Spicy garlic ramen with pork belly

Item: Spicy garlic ramen with pork belly
Date: August 18, 2014
Location: Kinton Ramen, Toronto, Canada

I fell in love with the ramen at Kinton the first time I went and so I went back a second time. What we have here is a generous bowl of spicy garlic ramen (yes, that is a huge chunk of minced garlic on top of the meat) with pork belly and a seasoned egg (and I ordered a side of takoyaki too). The spicy soup base was so flavourful and hearty, and I loved the way the egg yolk was half cooked and flowing when I poked it open. The best part was of course the pork belly, which had an even distribution of lean and fat portions and just melted in my mouth, complementing the ramen perfectly. The only downside? Not enough meat! Maybe I will get “extra pork” next time 😀


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