Blooming onion

Item: Blooming onion
Date: July 12, 2014
Location: Toronto, Canada

Summer brings many food-related festivals to Toronto, including various Asian night markets. This “Blooming onion” was from the “Night It Up” market happening in Toronto in mid-July, though it was in the afternoon that I visited with my sister. The Blooming onion was a cross between French fries and onion rings, a rather perfect combination, in fact, with the creamy sauce that accompanied it. I’ll never get enough of street food 😀


2 thoughts on “Blooming onion

  1. Omg I was in Toronto mid-July! How did I miss this?! We have Asian night markets here in Vancouver, but this blooming onion concept is new to me. Argh. =(

    • I suppose it’s not really a new concept, per se, because I’ve seen similar things elsewhere before. As far as I know there were (at least) three Asian night markets in Toronto this summer – one at the waterfront (downtown) and two in Markham (not really “Toronto” anymore, I guess), including this one. You might have missed it since you weren’t in the Markham area? 😛 There’s always next time 😀

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