Greek meze – assorted dips

Item: Greek meze – assorted dips
Date: July 13, 2014
Location: Ouzeri, Toronto, Canada

First Summerlicious experience with the sister, and the cuisine of choice was Greek. The name of this appetizer is “Meze – a selection of our most popular dips: taramosalata, humus, melitzanosalata, served with grilled pita”. I’m not exactly sure which is which, but the pink one was probably humus and boy was it delicious. I never thought Greek dips could taste so good and I’m sure the entire time I was eating, I was saying, “This is so good.”


2 thoughts on “Greek meze – assorted dips

  1. Looks amazing! I might have enjoyed Greek food a bit more while I was here in the states ( flying out tomorrow again), but maybe I will take a bag of garbanzo beans with me and make some hummus myself. I had never heard of taramosalata or melitzanosalata, so in will have to check into those more in detail. Thanks for posting!

  2. Upon some research it seems that the pink one is actually taramosalata and not hummus as I had originally thought. In any case they were all amazing 😀 Let me know when you’ve tried the others one 😛

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