Lv da gun

Item: Lv da gun (rolling donkey), 驢打滾
Date: May 4, 2012
Location: Bordeaux, France

Siyao made delicious lv da gun for one of our girls’ soirées. “Lv da gun” (the “v” is a vowel sound that doesn’t quite exist in English) literally means “donkey rolling” in Chinese, and is a dessert made by wrapping red bean paste (or any other type of sweet paste) in some sort of sticky rice flour. It is then cut into pieces and a thin layer of bean flour is rolled onto the outer surface, making it look like “donkey that has been rolling in mud”. Siyao modified the recipe so that instead of bean flour, she rolled the donkey in minced shredded coconut. I guess we could rename this dessert as “donkey rolling in snow” 😉


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