Deep-fried stinky tofu

Item: Deep-fried stinky tofu, 鹽酥臭豆腐
Date: January 8, 2008
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Stinky tofu is certainly a unique snack that takes a unique sense of taste to appreciate 😉 They come in a variety of forms: deep-fried, grilled, steamed, etc. They were so popular in Taiwan that you can almost find a stinky tofu shop in every corner, but my favourite was the one in Hsinchu (where I stayed for my internship) that served them in smaller cubes, salted and spiced and accompanied by Taiwanese-style kimchi. The stinkier the better! (On a completely unrelated note, it’s hard to believe that my trip to Taiwan was 5 years ago…wow!)


2 thoughts on “Deep-fried stinky tofu

  1. Did you have this near the Tsing Hua uni? I really miss eating this stinky tofu. Trying looking for it in Hsinchu town but cant find any. I know there use to be an old lady selling stinky tofu near the Chenghuang Temple night market but now she is not there anymore.

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